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Our experienced team of consultants & industry experts have been leaders at eBay.com, The Lombardi Company, Pegasystems, and IBM. We are Six Sigma Black belts and Lean experts, and we understand that the goal of technology is enabling business in empirical, measurable ways.

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Our IBM Certified Master Trainers provide your teams with a hands-on approach to project and process based training.

We Train Business and Technical Professionals in BPM

We Train Business and Technical Professionals in BPM

Putting you in the power seat.


Our training starts by exhibiting how to set up, evaluate, and qualify your projects. This is a framework for implementing and thoroughly understanding your business processes.


The next step is a week-long training in Process, Analysis, Design, process capture tools (i.e. Scout, Blueworks Live) and how they benefit your team. We then move into teaching BPM technologies. This includes Process Design, Implementation, User Interface tools and Integration basics (data, Restful, Web Services).


Our last and most important step is when we work hand-in-hand with your teams during the delivery cycle to mentor project team members across areas including; business stakeholders, systems analysts, developers, architects and leaders. This step ensures all levels of your organization develop a level of expertise so that by the time we’ve finished improving the initial project, you are ready to carry it forward on your own.


Our BPM Training Overview Includes:

  • Hands on Development.
  • Process, analysis, and design.
  • Explaining Playback, quick win pilot.
  • BPM implementation and developer tools.
  • Integrations basics (data, restful APIs, web services).
Decision Management Training

Decision Management Training

Where rules become your solution.

Together, we’ll select a project and combine the best-of-breed approach between rule harvesting and our own hyper-agile methodology. Your team will experience the power of ODM; including real-time analytics and developing rules to manage automated decisions.


During the training we’ll work hand-in-hand with your team. We’ll discuss how to set up best practices and habits around rule discovery, delivery, governance and integration.


They’ll learn how to choose the rules that are and are not a fit for your business rules management system (BRMS). The result: your team will develop internal expertise to manage rules without the need of an additional vendor or offshore IT team.


Our ODM Training Overview Includes:
– Rule harvesting (using best practices and hyper-agile methodologies).
– Rule development, discovery, delivery, and integration.
– Business rules management system (BRMS).
– Process, analysis, and design.
– Explaining Playback, quick win pilot.
– BPM implementation and developer tools.
– Integrations basics (data, restful APIs, web services).

Process Design & Analysis Training

Process Design & Analysis Training

Your comprehensive business framework.


This training encompasses the many attributes involving BPM methodology and improvement analyzation.


Your process is the first priority: we address modeling, improvements, and development strategies. This is a conversation between you and our expert team to understand your business-related needs and requirements so you can highlight your specific needs to identify how to articulate your goals through process design.


Throughout the training period, we take a hands-on approach to BPM, management and leveraging innovative tools to deliver a process with tangible deliverables (scaffolding for IT as we call it). We consult with you, not at you, to explain and train you in the benefits of deploying specialized process design, analysis, tools and strategy in your business.


Our Process Modeling & Improvement Overview Includes:

  • Learn the history of Process Improvement and understand the motivation and value gained through various methodologies.
  • Using the history as a foundation, principles are taught and practiced, beginning with tips & tricks for documenting the current process (As Is) and moving into techniques for designing an improved process (To Be).
  • Attendees will be able to facilitate a process modeling session and lead the team through efforts to design and implement the improved process.

We also train teams to utilize Process Modeling Tools as experts. This tooling includes IBM BlueWorks Live and SCOUT (Cap Labs) during our Smarter Process Training (below).

We’re Certified Trainers in Smarter Process

We’re Certified Trainers in Smarter Process

Utilizing IBM BPM & IBM ODM

Smarter Process is an initiative founded by IBM. It’s an approach to enhance the customer experience while incorporating big data on mobile and the cloud. As certified trainers, we implement IBM software, including Blueworks Live, IBM BPM, and IBM ODM, to address customer challenges and create a solution with the framework from your business.


We empower your teams to deploy rule-based and process-oriented solutions to ensure the highest value for an authentic, engaged customer experience. Our training will employ the ability to track, improve, and implement processes to accelerate workflow and usability.


Our Process Modeling Tools Overview Includes:

– Learn how to utilize all the capabilities of online process modeling tools to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your process modeling efforts.

– Train in all aspects of capturing detailed process documentation to document requirements and maximize improvement efforts.

– This class takes attendees from the basics into advanced capabilities, including addressing specific questions or concerns from the class.

– This training is most effective when coupled with the Process Modeling & Improvement class.

Agile Training & Coaching

Agile Training & Coaching

Implementing methodologies to align goals.


Agile refers to software development methodologies. These methods promote project management processes based on adaptation, teamwork, accountability, and best practices to align business management with customer demands.


As experts in Scrum, Lean and Six Sigma, we offer agile training and agile coaching to administer knowledge around agile methodologies and rapid software delivery.


When optimized, agile processes encourage growth when applied to teams, processes, and departments across your organization. As coaches, we engage with your teams, gathering insight to highlight areas of strengths and necessary areas of improvement.  We then work with your teams with a focus on knowledge transfer and mentoring, to enable your team to take ownership going forward.


Our Agile Training & Coaching Overview Includes:

  • Beginning with the history of Agile, learn the why, what, and how of Agile and scrum.
  • This class provides an overview of all aspects of Agile and then progresses to the details for each role and step in the scrum process.
  • The class content and attendees will be customized to meet the needs of organization, including executive training on leading the adoption of Agile.

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