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Our experienced team of consultants & industry experts have been leaders at eBay.com, The Lombardi Company, Pegasystems, and IBM. We are Six Sigma Black belts and Lean experts, and we understand that the goal of technology is enabling business in empirical, measurable ways.


Capital BPM offers an ala cart range of delivery services.

An advantage against competitors begins with the unique experience you provide to your customers.


This belief drives our Business Process Management (BPM) approach when we work together with your clients each day. Utilizing our heritage, expertise, and experience in BPM, we partner with you to solve some of your toughest business challenges.

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Is getting results of your systems a mystery? Is an IT project required each time a rule needs changing? We know this is a headache to handle. And if this is your reality, we’ve got a method to stop the madness: Operational Decision Management (ODM).


Operational Decision Management (ODM) is a set of methods and technologies which enable you to automate repetitive decisions while simultaneously improving the accuracy and efficiency of those decisions. Our hands on approach to ODM means you’ll understand rule-based solutions and augment skills to lead your on-site team. Contact us today for a discussion and/or demo.

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Process Design & Analysis is both a technology and an approach to solving business challenges. It’s a discipline consisting of specific expertise in process design and measurement. It’s combined with BPM software, which improves performance, visibility, and agility of your business process.

Our past clients have experienced the benefits of self-managed rules, no longer requiring the need for outsourced development teams, and the ability to track incentive progress. 

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