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Q IBM BPM Testing Tool: Reduces QA Costs with 100% Test Coverage

Q BPM Testing Tool Title

Q IBM BPM Testing Tool: Reduces QA Costs with 100% Test Coverage

How would you like to get your products to market quickly — without sacrificing quality?


Customers demand more. They want more selection of goods that arrive at their door without delays, and without inconvenient errors. They want a terrific experience from the moment they interact with your company up until they’re happily using the product.


And so do you. Because happy, engaged customers:


  • Become loyal to your brand and
  • Have a better opportunity to become repeat customers


But, like with every business, you’re competing. Your customers are on the lookout for the next best service that is faster, more advanced, and even easier to access. To keep their interest — to be the prime candidate and respond to their growing needs — you must utilize the proper tool.


What is the proper tool?


One that is flexible to your needs. One that provides assurance from the start of your business process, all the way through. And one that can provide real-time reports, allowing you to respond to opportunities and threats the moment they arrive — not later, when it’ll be too late to capitalize or mitigate risks.


This is why CapLabs, a division of Capital BPM, developed Q: our IBM BPM testing tool.


Traditional testing tools on the market lack the fluidity necessary for dynamic business landscapes. That is why Q was developed. It seamlessly integrates with the IBM BPM platform you’re already accustomed with.


What does Q enable for BPM testing?


Businesses, like yours, need BPM testing to ensure processes are working as they should . This often requires Quality Assurance (QA) cycles, but these cycles with traditional tools require an abundance of time to conclude.


Q BPM Testing Tool

See your process maps and each step for testing in Q.


Other devices rely heavily on scripts while lacking the fundamental requirements to enable full testing automation. Q, on the other hand, is a scriptless testing tool, enabled for full test automation, and ensures your IT partners are adequately equipped to support your go-to-market goals.



  • Q provides 100% process coverage
  • Load testing is enabled
  • Aligns with Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  • Business data imports are simplified


How do you enforce quality assurance?


Quality Assurance (QA) isn’t optional. To grow your consumer base and to maintain the power of your brand, it requires prevention of mistakes and product defects.  


Which is why Q, as an IBM BPM testing tool, ensures QA from every testing angle.  Your BPM testing sequence will be automated, allowing your teams to select the testing schedules and see real-time results as the cycle runs.


The reports will be live, pinpointing areas of concern if they arise. And Q enables bulk data loads using Excel.


Q is both fully responsive on mobile and the web because we know accessibility is crucial.


What are the undeniable benefits of using Q?


Reduced costs.


Reduced QA cycles by  30 – 35%.


Allowing increased agility, enabling you go-to-market efficiently.


 You’ll have an advantage over the competition who lack this agility.


Q BPM Testing tool

See your process maps in 2D or 3D views on a whim.


But this is only the beginning.


We’ve compiled every feature and benefits on our Q page.

Click here to see it live.

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