About Capital BPM

Our experienced team of consultants & industry experts have been leaders at eBay.com, The Lombardi Company, Pegasystems, and IBM. We are Six Sigma Black belts and Lean experts, and we understand that the goal of technology is enabling business in empirical, measurable ways.

Process Analysis & Design

We make it our mission to understand the processes you’re using today. Then we analyze which methods and opportunities are available to take you where you want to go tomorrow.

We analyze the current state of your processes to determine which areas reflect opportunities to improve, understanding how they align to your company strategy and goals. We will then jointly undertake prioritization to focus our efforts on the most valuable and appropriate areas to ensure success.


We draft improvements to import into your process which address the formerly presented opportunities.


We deploy the newly designed process and measure the results to ensure the improvements are responsive.

Ready to step towards a healthier business process?