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IQ – BPM Process App


IQ is a Business-facing zero-code IBM BPM rapid application solution.

What it can do for your business

IQ, the only business-facing, zero-code rapid BPM application development solution for IBM BPM. Developed by a division of Capital BPM, Capital Software Solutions, IQ provides the ability for the business to create and deploy simple process applications in IBM BPM. IQ embeds best practices fin the BPM project business folks create using IQ so that if further integration, complexity is required the BPM technical team can pick up right where the business left off.

IQ uses the full perspective of a business user’s knowledge, allowing them a user friendly experience to create the BPM applications without the need for technical know-how. Business realized – from idea to a deployed for an IBM BPM application – in minutes! Try it today.

I represent Quality, what can IQ do for me?

Provides process development best practice guardrails

Create process application specific dashboards for use, monitoring once application is deployed

Perform business-friendly simulations to understand lag affect, costs, opportunities prior to investment

Localize IQ from one language to another using IBM ‘Watson Translate’ service

Interact with how your process comes to life and interacts with roles, systems and business activities

Import process diagrams and data elements from Blueworks Live, Viso and Lucid charts

Drive simple process solutions with simple yet powerful user interface

Tailored your BPM app look and feel to company branding and colors

IQ – The no-code process application solution

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