About Capital BPM

Our experienced team of consultants & industry experts have been leaders at eBay.com, The Lombardi Company, Pegasystems, and IBM. We are Six Sigma Black belts and Lean experts, and we understand that the goal of technology is enabling business in empirical, measurable ways.

IBM Watson

To execute a superior method in building partnership between people and technology, IBM Watson combines artificial intelligence (AI) and cultivated analytic software to deliver distinct insights towards improving business processes

IBM Watson offers industrial strength, unmatched artificial intelligence


IBM Watson is a highly intelligent platform with the means to use natural language processing to sift through large amount of unstructured data and provide insightful discoveries. IBM Watson has the ability to communicate tailored messaging for your specific business, process, customers, and audiences.

Stronger processes backed by data


IBM Watson is an extension of your business. It reads available data to create algorithms tailored to your branding, systems, and team. It has a specific applications for analytics, customer service, and analysis.


IBM Watson Explorer investigates current data and cognitive search to perform detailed analysis. Using unstructured and structured data, IBM Watson imports patterns to improve decision-making and ROI. Demands are clearly defined and superior experiences offered to customers with IBM Watson’s insight at unmatched speeds.



What you gain is easy usability. Watson’s ability to access and arrange data allows superhuman speed to discover patterns. With this information, IBM Watson provides responses leveraging the vast amounts of data available today, and identifies patterns to drive better decisions to streamline your processes.

We optimize IBM Watson’s unrivalled strength


We believe technology is subservient to businesses. Our team at Capital BPM utilizes the power of IBM Watson to develop smarter processes to improve business operations, responsiveness, customer experience and decision making.