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How Did IBM Make Recent Waves in the RPA Space?

How Did IBM Make Recent Waves in the RPA Space?

How Did IBM Make Recent Waves in the RPA Space?

When you want to create a tidal wave to increase alignment and visibility with RPA, you do what IBM did:


You announce a vibrant partnership with Automation Anywhere. That is exactly what IBM and Automation Anywhere achieved on July 13, 2017.


The collaboration is driven to “improve processes across […] enterprises and free employees to focus their time…”


Automation Anywhere is supplying its RPA platform to reduce repetitive task workload alongside IBM’s faithful digital process software. IBM provides stakeholders and teams the ability to streamline efficiency while minimizing waste (both in resources and funds) with IBM Business Process Management (IBM BPM) and the accompanying Operation Decision Manager (ODM) for rule execution and management.


How do IBM and RPA (Automation Anywhere) work together?


IBM BPM and ODM customers will now have the ability to implement software bots, enabled by Automation Anywhere’s convenient RPA platform. The software bots can be deployed to execute the repetitive tasks employees may find fatiguing. With the bots managing these tasks, productivity amongst employees will be able to skyrocket, aligning with corporate goals to achieve business result at a swift rate.


The bots will streamline digital tasks, with gratitude from IBM BPM technologies. They will be cloud supported, or onsite system supported — whichever leaders currently have enforced on the premise.


Who is affected by this IBM and RPA agreement?


Employees, of course. The many who are forced to complete repetitive tasks within a process that do not necessarily require their input. While there are other tasks, especially within encouraging customer engagement, that their point of view is recommended. Yet, they’re currently unable to participate.


But with RPA and IBM BPM technologies providing solutions, these employees can leave the tasks to the programmed, monitored and optimized bots. Specific industries in “banking, financial services, insurance and healthcare” will be positively affected by these changes.


In fact, this initiative by IBM, RPA and Automation Anywhere is helping The Hanover Insurance Group Inc.


In the IBM press release, this was stated: “IBM and Automation Anywhere’s technologies already are helping The Hanover better manage processes and more quickly complete specific tasks,” said Ian Maher, vice president of strategic sourcing at The Hanover.


This is also good news for…


You. For any menial, manual process that is better left to the capable hands of IBM and the RPA bots, you’ve now a clear solution. And we at Capital BPM are excited to demonstrate the benefits.


By implementing and utilizing the power of IBM BPM, you’re moving towards the direction of digital transformation. The methodologies examine existing processes and further the growth of success by optimizing each step to increase employee productivity, drive results, and eliminate waste.


That’s only the beginning of a long list of benefits BPM provides. Request a demo and experience the positives first hand.


Click here to talk to one of Capital BPM’s experts, backed with decades of experience in BPM and ODM.


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