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Pick of the litter: I love all my processes? Which one should I love the most?

Pick of the litter: I love all my processes? Which one should I love the most?


Once you’ve narrowed your list down to two of three processes, use the following table to rank them.


Figure 2: Picking your Favorite Child


Once you’ve identified the projects that are thought to be the best fit, match them up against each other in a merciless Deathmatch using the Project Selection matrix above, and don’t be afraid to embrace the winner.


1. Select criteria to use.

Determine if all criteria are a good fit for your organization. It is fine to use all but also okay to remove one or two.


2. Weight criteria

10 – select the most important criteria and give it a weight of 10.

1-9 – for each remaining criteria, weight them based on your organization’s areas of focus


3. Rate each project

For each criteria, rate each project for it’s fit to the criteria from 1-5 (higher is a stronger fit)

It is best to do each criteria for all projects, so the rating is relative between projects


4. Score – Calculate the score for each project

Multiply each rating by the weight for that criteria

Add up all scores for each project, giving a total score

The project with the highest score is the best option for an initial BPM project


Do the scoring, get the buy in, and set a clear path for deliverables. Our next article will dig into the how to align those deliverable during implementation.


Written by Max Habibi. 

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