Genesis is a dehydrated, production ready Camunda environment. It's a collection of expertise, auxiliary delegates and listeners, optimized, SSO enabled, terraform\kubernetes\container based, fully baked Camunda environment with an elastic server setup, customer security for all Camunda APIs & the web console. It can be used on your cloud provider, in your internal environment, or in a hybrid context. Genesis supports DEV,QA, INTEGRATION, PRE_PROD, and ready-to-go production setups, all perfectly honed for their respective use.

Features List

  • db install or binding

  • supports postgres\h2\mysql

  • tomcat or Spring application server(s)

  • OPA integrated security options

  • build in security is done

  • option to set admin user creds

  • ldap security integration

  • option to use SSL to access LDAP server

  • customer security provider

  • Zero trust, secured back end

  • OAuth2

  • Redis the HTTP session cache for multiple servers

  • startup process or dmn injection

  • optimized POM for spring boot deployments

  • included JAXB, SPIN, GROOVY script engine

  • has embedded javascript engine

  • optimizations per environment(FULL history for Dev, increased threads for prod, etc)

  • auto scaling

  • auto archiving enabled

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