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Our experienced team of consultants & industry experts have been leaders at eBay.com, The Lombardi Company, Pegasystems, and IBM. We are Six Sigma Black belts and Lean experts, and we understand that the goal of technology is enabling business in empirical, measurable ways.

How to Contact Capital BPM During IBM InterConnect 2017

How to Contact Capital BPM During IBM InterConnect 2017

It’s time for InterConnect 2017, the largest conference hosted by IBM. Beginning March 19 – 23 in Las Vegas, Capital BPM will be attending the five day event — and hope you will be too.


Truthfully, we’d like to connect. Here’s how we can, during and after the conference.


Our Capital BPM Team members who are attending.


Capital BPM has a mighty team dedicated to helping professionals gain insight into business processes and technologies for an improved customer and work experience. We’ll be sending out three of our top guys to InterConnect:

  • Max Young, our founder, and CEO;
  • John Robinson, our VP of Client Engagement;
  • Dan Howington, our Executive Sales Leader.


Use #CapConnected to Reach us on Twitter.


Before, during, and especially after InterConnect 2017 ends, you’ll be able to reach through on our company Twitter, @CapitalBPM. We don’t want to miss a single message, and that’s why we’ve created a specialty hashtag to end your tweets with:




Twitter will be exploding throughout the conference. To ensure we don’t miss notes and comments for our Capital BPM team, incorporate the above hashtag (#CapConnected) into your tweet and it won’t be carried away by the tumult of IBM InterConnect 17.


We’re excited to hear from you.


We’re at this conference to communicate with our customers and partners alike. And while we’ll talk, as a team we’re much more interested in listening to you.


What are you looking for in a partner? What questions regarding Agile or Scrum are pressing at your temples? What results are you after and how can we map a strategy for success together?


We’re enthusiastic about answering the questions you have regarding BPM, ODM, Process Design & Analysis in fact, don’t hesitate to send them our way: we will get back to you.


Additionally, you can reach us through our website: CapBPM.com.


Can’t wait to greet you at InterConnect 2017!

Founded in 2011, Capital BPM is an IBM Advanced Business Partner for Digital and Process Transformation. As a strategic enablement partner, we equip our client’s leadership and staff with the skills, methods, and tools to respond quickly to an ever changing business and competitive landscape. We provide expert services and tooling born from our wealth of experience to allow you to get back to why you are in business. Capital BPM is driven by four major principles; customer first, customer enablement and that processes and decisions are valuable assets. We are proud of the work we do to solve some of our clients biggest challenges.
To work with us, visit us @ http://www.CapBPM.com

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