About Capital BPM

Our experienced team of consultants & industry experts have been leaders at eBay.com, The Lombardi Company, Pegasystems, and IBM. We are Six Sigma Black belts and Lean experts, and we understand that the goal of technology is enabling business in empirical, measurable ways.

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To provide a self-sufficient, flexible, and responsive business process, your teams require hyper agile tools.

We’ve developed distinct tools that will accelerate your Digital Transformation initiatives.

Capital BPM’s leading edge tools enable you to leverage our deep expertise and experience in process management, decision management and digital transformation. Each tool is designed to assist in very specific ways including; development, coding, user experience, user interface, process design, decisions, process and decision testing, data and analytics.



Hyper Agile User Interface Development


Cap UX is a leading user interface development tool that allows your teams to develop user interfaces on their own terms, leveraging the skills you have in-house (i,e, Java, .Net). — decrease or eliminate your reliance on outside vendors due to programming language specific skill gaps. Avoid increased costs and time and leverage the core skills of your own IT organization.


Additionally, it allows a headless BPM implementation so teams can still leverage the power of the underlying BPM product engine, saving money and time.


Development timeline and expenses are reduced with CapUX because of its ability to move a prototype into a finished product, delivering scaffolding for the development team to tune and refine for implementation… all with a push of a button.



Powerful Communication Tool


SCOUT is a powerful communication tool, allowing audiences — from business users to architects — to work from the same sheet of music for complex to-be process solutions. SCOUT also provides transfer access from a competitor BPM onto IBM BPM.


SCOUT helps users understand and demystify architecture from processes to physical components  — and everything in-between. SCOUT has the ability to consume any BPMN diagram and capture the entire underlying architecture of an as-is system to begin the journey of replacement confidently.


  • Competitor takeout tool
  • Cloud-based
  • Mobile enabled
  • Push button generation of working Coach UI’s from requirements capture in SCOUT
  • Enablessuperior visualization methods to communicate entire architecture in a layer cake model (i.e. process, systems, db, etc) groups
  • KPIs
  • Deterministic simulation (time, cost)
  • Tooling to help drive the creation of a solid business case for new process & automation
  • Importimpact to SCOUT from Blueworks to fully develop your architecture and vision
  • Export to Blueworks Live to store in your process repository
  • Generate Coach code from SCOUT for WebServices, Human Services, etc


SCOUT allows you to communicate complex ideas through pictures and business data in motion. By depicting the interaction between activities in a business process (people-to-people, people and systems) to other layers in the physical architecture (servers, databases, SOA service interaction, etc.) and any other layers you want to define.


The 3D visualization allows complex ideas. The underlying architecture can be communicated to a broad audience efficiently and drive effective decisions for digital transformation. From interactive 3D models of the full solution, deterministic simulation to mitigate risk, and the capturing of architectures and processes, SCOUT help you drive automation decisions with confidence.

Q BPM & ODM Centric Testing


BPM & ODM Centric Testing


Customer demands change for many reasons, such as regulations, competition or new business innovations. Problem is, traditional QA tools are built to cater to static and frozen  IT requirements / systems.


We developed Q: a testing tool that detects changes in processes and decisions. For BPM it takes into account changes in services, timers, events, and coach views. It’s as flexible as your processes and business are required to be.


For ODM, it considers decision table and XOM updates whenever a testing phase begins and allows QA to keep pace with the business.


But it’s stronger than that. Our Q tool accelerates business process management and decisions with the following features:


  • Build tests for your BPM processes
  • Automate testing of the entire process
  • Automate testing using user interface for data input
  • Cloud implementation ready
  • Web-based (and mobile friendly)
  • Export to XLS format
  • Produce reports for test scenarios
  • Automatically generate test scenarios
  • Asynchronous test-to-test communication.


Auto tracking Measurement & Analytics


An easy process begins with dependable technology. CapBigData, our analytic measurement tool, supplies exactly that; ease.


There is zero-code with auto tracking of key metrics and data. CapBigData archives all processes and application data securely, making it easier to revisit older data for comparisons. Our tool supports versioning, generates integrations, and enables key metric indicators (KPI) measurement.


Feeds of measurement and identification are easily delivered to Tableau and other data analytic tools crucial for business growth and rapid development.

Ready to take on your business with a new set of tools?