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Do You Need a BPM Software Testing Tool?

Do You Need to Use a BPM Software Testing Tool?

Do You Need a BPM Software Testing Tool?

Quality is the purpose of using a software testing tool. No one wants to be associated with the company whose products were defective. And, in general, it hurts to be in a business that takes too long to bring their products to market.


Why? Companies who are able to bring stable, error-free products to their customers have the increased ability to capitalize on advantages.


Companies, who experience the advantages for quality products, are able to:


  • Satisfy customer needs
  • React to support needs swiftly
  • Begin upgrades/updates/new products quicker
  • Listen to customer feedback for future improvements


Without customers, we’re just running a hobby after all. It’s important to provide them a seamless, simple, and customized experience to turn them into repeat buyers. Or brand loyalists who happily spread the word about how your company.


If something is wrong after the product has hit the market, damage control is the only option. But by that time, customers may flock to the competition. Your company image may be soiled. And it’ll cost too much to piece back the trust now lost.


Our team at Capital BPM have helped companies use testing tools when adopting BPM testing soft into their systems. Optimizing processes to help companies get their products to market quickly, comprises traditional BPM software testing tools. But we’ve seen an issue with traditional tools.


They only offer quality assurance checks at the end of the BPM cycle. This prevents companies from being as agile as they could be. Because only when every step of the process has been completed, can results be assessed. Slowing the whole process down for little reason.


We knew your teams deserved better. Which is why we developed a BPM testing tool to fill the gap many other traditional tools haven’t. Q is the leading IBM BPM testing tool designed to maintain quality at every level of the cycle.


Q provides the following benefits to firms utilizing the power of BPM:


  • Automate testing including regression and load testing
  • Bulk data loads using Excel
  • Automatically produce real-time reports
  • Increase project agility
  • DevOps Integration (Jenkins)
  • 100% Web-based and fully responsive (Mobile Friendly)
  • Reduce BPM delivery life cycles
  • Built for Test-Driven Development (TDD)


Real-time reports allow you make decisions in the moment. Automated testing enables your team to do what they do best, while the testing runs successfully on its own. And even when you’re on the go, you can check the testing sequences and results right on your phone.


Q is the BPM software testing tool designed to bend to the whim of you and your team. Why not give it a shot?



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