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What BPM Needs for Increased Customer Engagement

What BPM Needs for Increased Customer Engagement

What BPM Needs for Increased Customer Engagement

BPM software offers solutions in many aspects of business. While the big focus is on efficiency in operations, the software dives deeper. One of the key reasons stakeholders are browsing this software is to help increase customer engagement.


Without customers, all we have is a hobby, after all.


Customers demand more. More products, more upgrades, and more agility to receive their products quicker than ever before. Corporations find themselves scrambling to meet these needs without sacrificing product quality, work efficiency, and customer satisfaction.


That’s where BPM software factors in.


It offers two primary methods to increase customer engagement. If your BPM software doesn’t have these options you may be left behind those who do.


The need for mobile support


Consumers prefer ease-of-use. That’s why so many use their smartphones and mobile devices to buy products online. Before, people used their phones to call with inquiries or complaints. While that is still the case, we’re seeing the use of  website live chats now. It’s a growing method consumers use to talk with company representatives.



Businesses must keep their firmware and applications up-to-date since customers use their mobile devices for transactions. If you want to improve customer engagement, you must offer mobile support for your website, applications, and customer service. Ignoring this channel will only hurt engagement.


The rise of AI


Artificial Intelligence is paving the way for businesses to accurately deliver powerful customer experiences. AI is partner to BPM. For example, IBM utilizes their computer Watson and analytics with IBM BPM to provide superior knowledge about customers. It’s backed by data derived by Watson’s artificial intelligence.


The point? To build loyalty by consistently delivering exactly what customers want, when they want it. What you’ll be provided is insight and control to manage customer interactions and develop processes, based on patterns derived from AI data. It’ll increases positive engagement with the company and customers.


No more guessing. No more endless researching. Because it’s all delivered to your BPM solution with AI.



  • Mobile support is necessary to reach customers since many do shopping, reviewing, and accessing company information through mobile devices.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) assists in researching customers — their backgrounds, buying habits, shopping behavior and more. Allowing companies to use this data to fulfill customer needs consistently.


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