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Our experienced team of consultants & industry experts have been leaders at eBay.com, The Lombardi Company, Pegasystems, and IBM. We are Six Sigma Black belts and Lean experts, and we understand that the goal of technology is enabling business in empirical, measurable ways.


Bluemix is a cloud platform service increasing the ease of management for business process management, decision management, Cognitive and a host of other applications.

We employ the power of Bluemix for enhanced process integration


Bluemix is a service enabling the accelerated creation, deployment, integration and management of cloud-based applications. It provides monitoring of applications through its dashboard, as well as the creation and management of your API ecosystem to give administrators the ability to get up and running quickly through the creation of organizations, spaces, and users with assigned roles.

Reduces technical know-how requirement


You regain time by eliminating the need to install software or outdated hardware. The hours previously spent constructing, implementing, troubleshooting, and redesigning can be invested back into critical areas to further innovate your business.

Accelerated features to meet demands


Processes must be updated to meet user demands to facilitate an authentic experience for customers. Bluemix ensures flexibility and rapid deployment of features to meet these demands.

Support of several key languages


Bluemix offers support of many programming languages including Node.js, Python, PHP and Ruby. Additional language support can be found with buildpacks.

Tools to process better, faster and Go-to-Market


Bluemix allows expert services to be integrated into an application; some are IBM services, including Watson and DevOps. Others, such as Scout and CapQ for BPM and ODM, are provided by our Capital BPM team of expert developers.


You benefit from these tools when you engage with our expert services teams… We bring these accelerators and cutting edge tools to propel your transformation efforts to market; providing you innovative tools and intelligence to streamline your processes.