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3 Reasons You Should Be Attending OSCON 2017

3 Reasons to Attend OSCON 2017

3 Reasons You Should Be Attending OSCON 2017

The second week of May promises yet another fantastic conference. To say we’re stoked to be attending OSCON 2017 would be an understatement.


We’d love to see you there too! Maybe talk, learn — or even grab a drink with us?


That aside, there are plenty of reasons to go. But here are the big 3 that’ll get you heading out to Austin, Texas early.


1. Learn, learn, learn it all!


OSCON is broken down into two main segments: training & tutorials for the first two days (May 8 – 9) and the conference for the remaining days (May 10 – 11). Whether you’re a business person, developer, innovator or excited investor, OSCON has an event for you.


The main reason behind OSCON 2017 is to learn how to implement real-world practices and open source into businesses, workflow, and processes.


OSCON 2017 is the conference to discuss, learn, and implement all things open source @CapitalBPM #OSCON Click To Tweet


This means everything that contributes to open source — programming languages, communities, and product and services. At OSCON, you’re not limited to one language or one segment of open source — the whole range is available to learn, absorb, and put into practice.


That’s why OSCON stands for Open Source Conference.


2. Meet, greet, and keep.


What’s your reason?


Are you looking to learn new practices to take to your team and implement efficient workflow?


Are you interested in how different languages are leading to the utilization of modern technologies?


Are you on the lookout for like-minded innovators to build authentic business connections?


OSCON is the place for all of these reasons and more.


OSCON has become the symbol to announce groundbreaking open source products and projects. It’s the location to build genuine connections — not just wham bam 30-second-elevator-pitch-bye! ma’am.


#OSCON builds community, addresses open source challenges, and offers solutions @CapitalBPM Click To Tweet


This conference is looking to build a community with you. The committee is seeking to address new challenges with relevant solutions. And they will be fostering relationships that supersede business (when possible).


So, what’s your reason? Because OSCON is ready for it.


3. The numbers are staggering.


There are 100+ sessions during the conference.


Thousands of attendees — developers, experts, hackers — are just as excited as you to get their tech on!


Dozens of evening activities — parties, ceremonies, and OSCON specific activities.


Not to mention products, products everywhere! OSCON offers an array of services, features, and best practices to implement into your company.


These events are numerous and designed to help individuals. The sessions allow learning code writing and the tools to leverage that code in business. Others address implementation and cost-effective open source solutions. The tutorials address code security and increase productivity without enhancing costs.


And hey, the night time events help everyone unwind, meet, greet, and build strong connections.


Capital BPM is attending OSCON 2017! Specifically, our fearless leader (CEO) Max Young and Terry Camerlengo (Director of Technology).


We hope to see you there so we can discuss all things open source with you!


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